Technology is our friend…

14 Aug

Technology is our friend, when:

  • It works.

  • It works.

  • It works.

We just experienced a total loss of our network access and telephones for almost a full four work days. Our phones are VOIP, so no telephone service except for our personal cell phones and even those had spotty coverage within the building.

At first I was calm, and optimistic as I expected our school to be back online very soon. Then I learned it was due to a construction cut and that the cables had not been marked. The rain, usually welcome, was a problem in the repair. I came in, worked and then went home to work where there was internet access. Or I came in and decamped to a nearby school within the same district. It was difficult however to not have telephones or access to gMail or Google Docs as we are a Google district. I could get to this from any working network but not within my location. How frustrating. I am usually a very positive person but as the loss dragged on my positive nature was sorely tested. With the first teacher workdays on Thursday and Friday and so many new hires there’s just a whole lot to do.

The good news is we are back online at least late this afternoon. I am very hopeful that remains true for tomorrow. As a teacher I know how to adapt a lesson when technology does not work, but what I now do requires me to provide help to many people, and all of that revolves around access to working technology.

This episode certainly provides food for thought. It is a clear picture of how connected we all are and expect to be at least through the ether (or cable in this instance!) What would happen to us if we didn’t have access to the internet? How would most of us handle it? How long would it take us to revert to pen and paper or word processing? Looking something up would not involve Google, but books or notebooks. How would the lack of access change what we do? Would we talk face to face more? Use more paper printing out information?

How would this affect you?


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