Learning about and using the I-Search Research Process

02 Jun

What a day! All day…

For my Digital Literacy class I have been reading about and researching a topic using the I-Search Research Process, the University of Georgia’s tutorial site that discusses the Model.

One of the first steps in the Model requires the researcher to use a personal web graphic organizer to discover what the researcher’s interest or passion might be. What a great answer to “I don’t know what to write about!” Once a researcher, or student discovers their passion or interest then crafting an excellent thesis statement is less daunting.

There are many research models but my rationale for using this one is a user is required to react to information gleaned during the research process. This act of thinking and making a connection would help many students, who are in to cutting and pasting, as they learn they have to compare and contrast, sequence, discover pros and cons– and in essence use higher order thinking skills to analyze, evaluate and synthesize. By making a personal connection to the facts the topic becomes even more interesting and authentic.

This is a good research model and one I would recommend you check out to use with your students.



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