Digital Literacy for the 21st Century Classroom Course ECU

27 May

I am enrolled in Digital Literacy for the 21st Century Classroom, taught by Dr. Carol Brown via East Carolina University.

Professor Dr. Carol Brown, ECU

The class is extremely interesting and thought provoking. It is moving rapidly due to the short summer session but I am learning lots from new concepts, to Web 2.0 tools and all of it makes me even more excited about this additional knowledge I am adding to my arsenal of tools for teaching and learning. I cannot say enough good things about the Instructional Technology Program at ECU.

Our textbook by Renee Hobbs  (click on her name for a link to her blog) is full of wonderful ideas, and  sound rationale for Digital and Media Literacy; Connecting Culture and Classroom.

Renee Hobbs, Professor in the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island, where she founded the Media Education Lab.

Not only is Ms. Hobbs known for her work in digital and media literacy regarding technology integration but she is also well known for her writings on copyright, which is an integral part of digital and media literacy and a subject that I have a great interest in as well. Personally I would encourage teachers, administrators, teacher librarians and instructional technology teachers to buy this extremely relevant resource. (No, don’t know Ms. Hobbs personally nor will I benefit financially from this recommendation!) 



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