The power of the podcast

26 May

Jodie Collins

Jodie Collins, Winner of the 2010 Becta Award for Next Generation Learning

is a former teacher, who now works with other educators on integrating podcasting in the classroom in the United Kingdom, who developed a podcasting program in her school to help students who had trouble writing. According to the news article found in The Guardian, a newspaper published in the UK,  “it’s easy and doesn’t cost the earth to give your students a worldwide platform to showcase their work.”

 Jodie Collins, excerpt from the article:

 “How many people listen to the radio on their way to work? Or at work? In the car? On journeys? And how many different stations are there? Something for everyone from music non-stop to gardening tips, dramatic readings, jokes, poetry, childcare advice, politics and education to name but a few. How many of us learn of the latest news and events and other people’s opinions through radio.

Imagine bringing such a diverse range of information into the classroom day after day. Then imagine that all of that is made by the children and not only is it coming into class but you can give your children a worldwide platform to showcase their work. That is exactly what I have tried to do for the last few years. I started using podcasting with children who were lacking confidence in their writing. I would ask them to record their ideas and then play it back to themselves so that they could sound out slowly and replay their ideas to make sure they got all their ideas on paper before the nerves of the blank page kicked in.”

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To hear an example of a Year 5 student podcast on an advertisement about a school event check this out! 

To hear an example of a Year 5 student podcast on the Greek Myth, Florina & the Snaggon click here!

UK Students Podcast



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