I just made a new Voki. See it here:

26 May

Voki is a powerful and free Web 2.0 tool for educators to use in their classrooms. Students who are reluctant to speak find their own voice with an avatar they create using Voki. One high school social studies teacher I know uses Voki as a humorous introduction to a new assignment or topic. She uses Voki to great effect and students love it!

 As you see I created a Voki avatar (Gingerbread Boy) with a little speech using an English voice because I am an Anglophile! When I created my avatar I wrote text and Voki created the speech using text to speech.

 Foreign Languages?

If you want your avatar to speak another language use your own microphone and record the text in your own voice. OR  do as I did since I don’t speak Spanish, use Google Translate, write your text, translate it to Spanish in Google Translate, then copy and paste the translated text. I then chose a Spanish accent for my avatar. I previewed the avatar and my Spanish text to speech was done!

When I signed up for Voki and received my activation link I received the following resources:

If you are an educator, we invite you to learn more about what you can do with Voki in the classroom:
Learn more about how to use Voki for education (

Check out lesson plans contributed by other teachers ( ) Questions about using Voki?
Visit the Teacher s Corner (
Visit the Voki Blog (

See how easy it is to do this for yourself by visiting Voki.



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