Blogging, what it is and uses for teaching and learning

26 May

JISC Digital Media Blog, UK Blog for Further & Higher Education

I came across 2 super Wikis about blogging:


Blogging in Education

Here’s an interesting blurb from the Support Blogging site:

“Educational Blogging is blogging by students, teachers, administrators, industry experts, and other involved entities that focus primarily on the educational process and educational interests.

 “In a broader and more educational system, blogs are about communicating. You observe your experience, reflect on it, and then write about it. Other people read your reflections, respond from their perspectives by commenting or writing their own blog article. You read their perspectives, often learn something through their eyes, and write some more.

  • Blogging is about reading and writing.

  • Literacy is about reading and writing.

  • Blogging is about literacy. 

But there’s so much more on the Wiki, Support Blogging! The following can be found on this site and would be useful for teaching and learning digital literacy: 

  • Uses for blogging in education

  • What blogging does for students

Read more by going to the link provided at the beginning of this post or use this link to go to Support Blogging!

Read more by going to this link for Blogging in Education.

Bookmark these sites or consider joining the wikis!



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