About: Sonja’s Blogging about Digital & Media Literacy

Sonja S. Beckham

Sonja S. Beckham, Media Specialist, MLS, JD, NBCT

Teachers and educators feel overwhelmed and often believe they don’t have time to learn new technology tools. Blogging is a Web 2.0 tool with many uses both personal and professional. The focus of this blog will be professional. My mission? To help teachers/educators realize just how easy it is integrate technology media into their lessons–and dare I say into their lives? Not only am I adding additional technology certification to the library media certification I have,  I am excited about how Web 2.0, digital literacy and digital tools integrate with a school library media center’s mission to support, extend the curriculum, promote collaboration with teachers and foster a love of reading and writing for students.  Using digital media to create book trailers, or mini videos or podcasts for class projects promotes reading, writing and collaboration. All of these technology tools provide an authentic, hands on project based way to learn and use 21st Century skills.

Hope you enjoy reading about teaching, learning and integrating technology as I explore the amazing technology tools and best practices for educators!



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